Harness your Learning Locker data to automate events

I’ve been working on the Reach experiment for a while trying to fine tune it into something that could provide value for folks using Learning Locker. After several iterations and feedback sessions the experiment is taking shape.

Reach is now an official Learning Locker app that uses statements to trigger follow on actions, deliver personalized content and automate workflow.

The concept is straight forward and centres around the notion of events. These events consist of a trigger (currently a Learning Locker statement forward) and a series of subsequent steps (actions) to carry out.


A trigger could be anything that generates an xAPI statement such as a learner completing an exam, submitting an assignment, asking for help in a discussion forum or completing a course.

Steps could include things like the delivery of personalized content, sending out training evaluations, updating a CRM record, pushing details of a compliance quiz to an HR platform, or activating a MailChimp campaign to notify people about the next course.

The possibilities are endless as long as Reach can connect to a given service’s API. If you’ve used tools such as Zapier or IFTTT before, the general idea will sound familiar.

Single vs Multi

Once a trigger has activated within Reach the subsequent event can be a single or multi-track experience. Single track means that all learners go through the same flow. Multi-track allows administrators to set up several different tracks that will activate based on details contained within the incoming xAPI statement. A good example might be a learner’s score on a quiz or the successful, or otherwise, completion of a given task.

If a learner successfully completed task A, activate track A. If they didn’t successfully complete task A, activate track B.


Thanks to xAPI, Learning Locker is gathering a bunch of experience data in a standard format, now, that data can be used to trigger follow on actions. So, if you would like to send personalized content, notify a tutor of a student struggling or update other systems within your technology stack in real-time, Reach is trying to make the process of doing this easier and more efficient.

If you’re using Learning Locker and would like to give Reach a try, head over to https://pedalred.com/reach to register for a demo.

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